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Urban Menus is an app of the Smart Keys, a 3D-Instrument for the participative development of visions for public spaces with various stakeholder groups and multiple goals through an efficient process. The intuitive approach to illustrate and experience these possibilities serve to provide a common level of understanding for laymen and specialists from a wide range of disciplines.

The Urban Menus are a novel visualization platform that combines configurability, analysis as well as feedback options in an easy-to-use, high-end interactive real-time app.  Urban Menus quickly displays future images, allows a walk through and evaluates effects in terms of resources and ecology, society and urbanity, as well as profitability.

Multi-perspective considerations enrich the process and offer future security for investments in spatial development by significantly increasing the accuracy compared to linear processes.

The development of the Urban Menus is supported by the Austrian Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft (aws) from the Federal Ministry Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) and the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) of the Federal Republic of Austria.

Demo Scene

Albert Kisling – Councilor Krems Development Sport mile Krems

The development of the guiding principle for the Sports and leisure mile Krems, was a very complex and difficult task.(…) I am convinced, that the cornerstone of this successful project, beside their high competence, was also the use of their Tool „Urban Menus“.

Karin Schwarz-Viechtbauer – Austrian Institute of school and sports facilities

I was able to get to know and appreciate the planning and participation instrument of the Urban Menus as part of the work on a master plan for the sports and leisure mile in Krems on the Danube. The Urban Menus make spatial and structural visions clear and tangible and therefore accessible to a large circle of non-experts. Urban Menus is a valuable tool, not only for 3D future planning, but also for a positive and constructive work and discussion process.

Thomas Madreiter – Planning director of Vienna

As the Planning Director of a fast-growing city Vienna, I am also responsible for the Smart City strategy, I see a promising approach in the innovative tool “Urban Menus”. Successful urban development is an increasingly complex

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